Employee Dishonesty

Employee Dishonesty

You may know and trust the people who work for you, but that trust may be misplaced. Experts acknowledge that employee dishonesty is one of the fastest-growing problems facing businesses today. It is the loyal, long-term, conscientious and trusted employee whose dishonesty can put you out of business. Crime losses are more prevalent today due to the changing economic environment, technology advancements and international expansion. Maintenance of strong, enforceable internal controls should be a priority for any business.


Employee dishonesty coverage protects an employer from financial loss due to the fraudulent activities of one or more employees. The coverage includes protection for loss of money, securities and other property of the insured. Coverage can generally be added to a package policy but stand-alone policies are available and designed to cover employee thefts, robbery and safe burglaries. The following coverages can also be included:


• Forgery or Alteration

• Money Order and Counterfeit Fraud

• Funds Transfer Fraud

• Computer Fraud

• Credit Card Fraud


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